Sunday, September 25, 2016

Really ...Ed ,Aliens

Sounds like your V2k/RFID chip is giving you grief Mr. Snowden...Aliens?! Classic MK ULTRA stuff. Are you drinking way too much coffee? Get drug tested.So sad.
Now,if you are trying to discredit yourself, rather,embarrass yourself thoroughly, you succeeded.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I recently got web service at home,I'd had put off getting it since then idea of free web/net neutrality sounded appealing. Someone didn't like it,and messed with the box on the house cuttings the ground wire and yanking it from its screws into the stucco... Sucked. So the tech guy came out to fix it,then when he re- established my connection he forgot some important details. And in the same two day time frame I get call from expensive retailers regarding picking up purchases that I did NOT make!!! WTF!!

Yes I called SAPD yet again.and the FBI I'm indigenous American, they said call the FTC.

Identity theft is a major hassle.I got another T-shirt, on that. One of the perps goes by
the name John Navarro.

No seizures today so I'm good.

Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Finally got internet at home. my water was turned off for 1 day lucky me its back on. Was so thirsty when it was off.we take it for granted more than we realize. Bakken needs to build that pipeline Elsewhere. Away from the water supply, away from sacred land.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Pissing contest Rhetoric

I have this problem with an illegal alien Roman Urbano Sr.  who has 
been trespassing onto my property and urinating on my air conditioner/central heating unit. He does so to mark my house as his territory like an animal. He intends to claim it as his own.he has even said so.
Yes the smell of piss wafts indoors whenever this happens.hence,my anger.its only a ticket if caught. Police want video proof.he broke the camera we used to have.the bear trap worked but police have said we couldnt boobietrap our own property.police won't swab ac unit for value diminishing slowly.others have joined in.they want me to go back to the reservation.
With the rhetoric from the election being what it is this kind of problem is going to spread onto other property, cause they want what's ours fellow Texans.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Shout Shout ready or not

Hi yalls:after the fiasco with the iPhone they threatened to yank my papers just for having an iPhone so I had to return it, now lifelock won't forward calls.
Virgin phone still works πŸŽΈπŸš΄πŸ—½[liberty exercised at the polls]. .Looking forward to voting for Johnson,or Paul.we can hope for improvement...we've come a long way,from Buck vs Bell.[that terrible decision affected me,the epitome of oppression.,besides the water being turned off against Native Americans for protesting against an oil pipeline on their land.

Looks like Barbara Shaver met with librarian,oppression is worsening. It looks darkest before dawn.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Where is this going

Please read this article in The Telegraph :
Extremists will be forced onto deradicalisation programme in new terror crackdown.

About a decade ago a movie China Cry was released. It was about 
when China became a communist country. Those who disagreed with what Mao professed were sent to be re- educated in labor camps.The more outspoken opposition leaders were tortured, and subjected to medical experiments,and surgeries sans anesthesia according to the movie.
That is what first came to mind when I read the headline of the article. Is this where we are headed? Is this what we want?!

I was taught to think for myself. The authorities here thought: that I had information that I never had, and that I was involved in certain radical activities that I was not in; nonetheless, it lead to my being rendered and subsequently blacklisted. You read correctly, there are Americans who are being programmed. The rendering is not done on USA soil.We don't live in a perfect world, the system is flawed.

This is why so many innocent and some flawed individuals are finding themselves with criminal records and the DOJ exerts its power to programme these people.; due to profiling.

How do we stop terrorist beforehand?Perhaps the NSA should ask Patty Hearst,maybe she has better insight and answers for that question.

Yes I'm different, I have epilepsy- low on the spectrum, and I'm just a troubadour average singer songwriter guitar player. I tend to stand out with out even trying,rather always have.Its supposed to be a free country where liberty is exercised and artist appreciated. Don't yall have something better to do than trying to censor people.

Sunday, July 10, 2016