Thursday, October 27, 2016

Love myself

Fuck you CIA & NSA . thanks MK ULTRA ,I refuse to be your home grown terrorist! Do your own dirty work.
Pay me a tidy salary since you have me blacklisted.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The voice of reason

He spoke about the war in the middle east and how the weapons we supply wind up in the hands of fighters on both sides of the conflict,... used against our own soldiers.

He also stated that he would pardon Edward Snowden,πŸŽΈπŸš²πŸ—½

I just saw on yahoo news a great interview with Gary Johnson, I hope a lot of folks watch it cause he needs a lot more media attention .especially how the other two are behaving. We need a grown up for President! Vote for Johnson.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Am i a dissident

If one does protest too much,or rather too effectively, then we may discover ourselves targeted by the authorities we tried to change.

Our politicians are so used to their elitist ways and norms,that they forget that they are supposed to be working for us,the citizens who voted them into office.

How does one become an effective lobbyist for a particular cause that we are passionate about? Its not like we all have corporate sponsorship which seems to be the only way to influence and change what legislation gets handed down to us.

My dissent is why they targeted me I guess.
MK ULTRA was not stopped in the 70s, in  fact after 9-11 it was granted carte blanc.
Had I succeeded at a greater extent as a musician I wouldn't have so much time for this...although mk ultra  is all over the music industry, and movie industry as well. They went after the entertainment industry to control the propaganda... The media,including Facebook.
After all, the CIA does have its own agenda.80s band Tears for Fears sang about it Everybody Wants to Rule the World.

Although, I think we agree more than the common perception may the environment, clean air,clean energy solutions, eat healthy, I'm for it,that's why I'm on my bicycle so much; besides its great for my waistline.natural remedies: pro marijuana, pro CBD,helps with my epilepsy without nasty side therapy : yes,play guitar, works great.recycling, do it daily.curb food waste solution: maybe more kids should take their lunch to school, instead of getting the cafeteria fair.,then they'd be more likely to eat it.when they served the icky mystery meat,I made certain to prepare my lunch the nite beforehand,a lot of us did it.,many moons ago when I was a kid.they still make cool lunch kits and even better containers so sandwiches don't get squished.

 Be careful when you take on changing the world,reality bites.

Monday, October 3, 2016

This is gonna be very bad

FBI is has new facial recognition software, which has built in
inherent design flaws in the code,as the computers can't distinguish between minority group individuals.
Also,the FBI is only giving our defenders 20 days to review it.They want to be above the law,beyond having to be subject to the constraints of civil rights protections,and FISA rules.

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Censored again 10/2/16


Well ,while the internet still works, don't be fooled, the censor's are at work. I made 3 attempts at making a PSA video for my fellow bicyclists, and experienced unusual technical difficulties including disappearing video footage.πŸŽΈπŸ—½

Here's what it would say: don't use a milk crate strapped onto your bicycle for a basket, [ milk crates are considered stolen property, you could wind up in jail,like an unlucky dude in Florida], get bicycle panniers, wood crates,or wire basket, or use 2 of the reusable cloth grocery bags,and tie the straps together, then hang these over the bonrager rack for your grocery commute. Make sure you have lights for cloudy overcast weather and or any night time riding.And always wear a helmet and click the chin strap.unsecured helmets fall off before the impact- so click it and keep your head intact.πŸ’€

Your Daddy didn't make any steel headed babies.🚲🚴

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


I recently got web service at home,I'd had put off getting it since then idea of free web/net neutrality sounded appealing. Someone didn't like it,and messed with the box on the house cuttings the ground wire and yanking it from its screws into the stucco... Sucked. So the tech guy came out to fix it,then when he re- established my connection he forgot some important details. And in the same two day time frame I get call from expensive retailers regarding picking up purchases that I did NOT make!!! WTF!!

Yes I called SAPD yet again.and the FBI I'm indigenous American, they said call the FTC.

Identity theft is a major hassle.I got another T-shirt, on that. One of the perps goes by
the name John Navarro.

No seizures today so I'm good.