Saturday, April 19, 2014

Justice Stevens proposes gutting the 2nd Amendment

well there's a reason why he's retired, and he just let us know all in on it, he's off his rocker!

FBI building biometric database containing face-scans of millions of Americans

so it's not just the NSA data-mining people.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


will this result in more people living at the airport? the article states that some people had
their citizenship revoked while they were traveling abroad and the notification  of such was simply mailed to their last known address. some were killed in drone strikes. and some are deemed terrorist. but britons could lose their citizenship if they're just considered to be not beneficial to the state. by that definition by mere strokes of the pen large segments of people could find themselves rendered stateless.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono narrowly avoided deportation from the US before he was killed because the FBI did not like their politics.they were followed by them and their phones were
wiretapped. PussyRiot wound up incarcerated in Russia. could they have found themselves stateless and stranded at the airport?

please sign the petition and help us gain access to life saving treatment.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Reelife Tom what's ur job

the world of public recording and copyright standards is changing very rapidly. What was once "typical" is not "typical" anymore. The explosion of online sharing is revolutionizing the way artists, fans and media content providers interact. Some artists frown upon such sharing, some artists embrace it and other artists aren't sure what to do about it. As a media producer for 20+yrs (and Director/Owner of Reelife Productions) this subject is of great interest to me and feel that this video and the hundreds of others that I have produced both for clients and for "fun" help to spread the message or artistry of the specific subject. I receive no payment (nor will I accept any that is offered) for this work and only do it for the sheer joy that I feel when watching it and seeing others enjoy it. Things are changing rapidly and I think it's all for the better…
Objectively speaking, there are A LOT of artists that don't take too kindly to people recording their stuff and putting it up on the web… and don't appreciate people recording them at all. It's definitely an area of interest to me as a video producer and music lover… there's a lot of grey area with copyrights and stuff too… but, hopefully, fingers crossed, this video will stay up so more and more people can enjoy this fantastic concert... and these same people will go on to purchase his officially, published music online or good old fashioned CDs and DVDs or whatever. The whole scene is rapidly changing but Neil has always been one to change with the times… and that's why I, and zillions of others love him so much… Anyway...keep on rockin in the freeworld...
 my comments:
the reason that artist care about copyright infringement which includes getting recorded without permission,is their rights people.that's why it is referred to as copyright law.and yes,it does affect their finances.i've heard of some bands who do not allow cellphones to be brought into the concert venue,signs are posted and people are searched to stop the infringement.artist own the songs they create.and they need to eat and pay bills,equipment:amps & guitars cost$$$.it cost money to put on the concert which are paid for from ticket sales. 

Police Specific Questions to ASK they dont want you to know (Revis

these guys are some lucky dudes, other people have been body slammed and cavity searched,sent to jail.

Friday, March 28, 2014

medical marijuana for epilepsy