Saturday, January 21, 2017

SAWS update

I had initially placed a sign on my front lawn in order to express solidarity with my fellow Native American's and to help raise awareness about the NODAPL issue that was being ignored by most major media.Last month as trouble escalated what with the arrival of many heavily armoured police and thousands of veterans went to stand in the gap as peace keepers and protectors of the women,the problem has not resolved. I had hoped that an alternate route would have been found,perhaps still across Sioux land but staying clear of the water ways.Since,that body of water is their source of drinking water.
Clean potable drinking Water is a precious resource that so many of us take for granted.My tribe,the DineBiNatsool/Navajo to this day most on the reservation do not have potable water on tap,like you and I.
I took my sign down in an effort to de- escalate the conflict in hopes that with the new administration the aforementioned resolution route would be utilized and prevent further violence. Simply putting up a sign has cost me some as well,as I get gauged on my water bill with SAWS.
Yes,my leige, it happened again.Please contact me,my leige,classified trouble has escalated.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Bicycle trail systems

The Salado Creek Greenway bicycle/jogging trail is 
an amazing place to pursue exercise and enjoy the 
outdoors and beauty of nature.Free fun in San Antonio open 7 days a week from dawn till dusk.And we also have the Mission reach trails as well.

The idea to build the above trail system came as a result of our dire need to pursue a healthy lifestyle, having recognized too late for my Mom, that we needed to change... people are dying here.At the time,San Antonio was listed as the fattest city in the USA.Morbid obesity,heart disease and uncontrolled diabetes killing loved ones all over the city; something had to be done.Mayor Ed Garza put out a request for ideas,real workable solutions to solve this problem.

B-cycle nonprofit bicycle rentals, Siclovia,RocknRoll Marathon, 5k fun runs,and don't forget the nutritionist, Subways, and the tireless efforts of everyone else involved, we no longer wear that moniker.

Time to encourage other city's to follow in our foot steps and have fun while doing it.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Bicycles &environment

Sometimes people wonder why is it that I ride my bicycle so much being that I do own a light duty truck.well,you may not believe me when I tell you,but I kinda feel like I found the fountain of youth on two wheels. Really I makes me feel like I don't have a problem to worry about.running does that as well,it makes me feel alive.
Why should that matter?simple, I have epilepsy and although the incidents of SUDEP are rare,if not for the ACE EMT crew in that ambulance on that fateful day years ago,I would not be here.I beat the widow maker in that ambulance with a shot of epinephrine to my heart.and thanks to being a runner ,I was just treated and released from the ER.otherwise the seizure would have killed me.
As for the environment, well I care about having clean air and avoiding an extra tax on emissions testing. So,if you want to avoid the tax,feel young again,save money,or lose weight and have fun while your at it,hop on that bicycle. Just make it a regular trip,whether its to the library, Starbucks,job at rackspace or Target - they have bike racks,do it.the more of us that do so,the cleaner air we will have,and avoid the emissions testing tax.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Needs his license Revoked

Please Senators do your duty and see to it that his license is revoked. Our veterans cannot sue the VA health care provider,those who got infected cannot sue for this blatant egregious medical malpractice. The military doesn't permit that.

If you don't stop this dangerous dentist and remove them from the profession,the recklessness will continue.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Morningstar new update for 2017

We have a problem understanding each other.y'alls chose me as a little kid.I grew up MK ULTRA,but not Disney's being due to the racial predilections of the times.I have immunity for our adventures,its a given,the mason attorney Mark McClelland despite finding my tattoo on my head in glow in the dark ink,otherwise invisible ink,he refused to honor that,he didn't let me talk to Him via phone either.yes my boss called concerned about me and McClelland hung up on Him.(source of grief with Panama Papers- same lawyer)..
Thanks for the implants for my migraine/epilepsy seizure control, it keeps me out of the ER.CIA doctor Delgado did that surgery. The current handler whoever that is,this-all of these microchips are not in sync with your current agenda.I've been getting harassed and shocked awake,cause the hackers wants the Don removed.when he was chosen.I don't know who the hacker is,contact of this sort is just thru the RFID.Mark drugged me before too,not cool.

If my handler needs to contact me please by all means use regular means,like cellphone call,text message, email,snail mail,schedule a visit; I'm lonely besides.

I have several of these RFIDs,at least one of these

Friday, November 11, 2016

Stop the spying please

Thursday, November 3, 2016

This is Texas

Hay aqui algunos mejicanos que piensan que los Americanos ,y hasta los Indios nobles ,los Dine bi Natsool,de aqui del USA se nos deben de conformarnos a los costumbres de ellos imigrantes. Son conpletamente equivocados en esto. Se conductan como si fueran Cris Colon emponiendo su dedo grande sobre mi,y los demas. Haz mexico mejor desde alli si lo queries tanto.

You are highly mistaken people. You are in the USA, not Mexico. It is you who need to conform to the USA. I live in a house not a teepee and I don't hunt buffalo here,I wear regular clothes,ride a bicycle, play guitar,cheer for the Cubs yeah,normal stuff. and I speak,read and write,in English.I'm Navajo, an American. I was born in the USA.

Sure its great to know more than one language. When you go to another country learn the language, the faster the better,because it makes your own life easier.