Friday, February 5, 2016

does this sound like trouble

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Full text of UN judgement in Julian Assange’s case (No. 54/2015) (.docx) More:
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UN announces that Julian Assange is unlawfully detained More: 
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Arbitrary detention of  rooted in US contempt, prosecution & reprisal against w'blowers, truthtellers &  exposures.
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This writes a pass for every dictatorship to reject UN rulings. Dangerous precedent for UK/Sweden to set. 

Thomas Drake is telling the Truth

    If you imagine yourself in the future(maybe 50 years ... - Hacker News
    Its what William Binney and Thomas Drake call the "turn key totalitarian state". It may not be turned on yet, but the structure is being put in place. All it takes is a ...

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      The latest Tweets from Thomas Drake (@Thomas_Drake1). NSA whistleblower. Prosecuted under Espionage Act for Telling Truth to Power. Be Divergent ...

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        Nov 12, 2015 ... “Thomas Drake is exhibit A of someone who goes through all the appropriate channels,” said Jesselyn Raddack, a national security and human rights lawyer and the director of ExposeFacts' whistleblower and source protection project, during the panel.

          Former NSA Leaker Thomas Drake Now Working in Retail

          Jul 30, 2015 ... Former NSA executive Thomas Drake, who was banished from the agency over his role as a whistleblower in a 2010 case, is still picking up the ...

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          Thomas Drake served as a senior executive at the NSA from 2001 to 2008. He brought his concerns about wasteful spending at the NSA and the government's surveillance program to a Baltimore Sun reporter; he was later charged with leaking classified information under the Espionage ...

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            Leaks and the Law: The Story of Thomas Drake. The former NSA official reached a plea deal with the government, but the case still raises questions about the ...

              Thomas Andrews Drake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

              Thomas Andrews Drake (born 1957) is a former senior executive of the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), a decorated United States Air Force and United States Navy veteran, and a whistleblower. In 2010 the government alleged that Drake mishandled documents, one of the few such Espionage Act cases in U.S. history.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

ATTN: attorney general in Washington DC

Dear Ms. Lynch,

Given the current state of affairs please take the time to watch the DVD movie 
WikiLeaks: We Steal Secrets. Pfc. Manning uncovered the evidence that the State Department was transmitting classified documents openly. they know the IP address of the computer that was used to send it and which email address it was sent from.I only recently saw it myself,and have previously met some of the NSA employees.

Or perhaps that's why Manning is a prisoner,and why Assange is in a fix,just to shut them up. Because Ms.Clinton is running for president without facing any criminal charges.If your not going to charge Clinton let Manning and Assange go,drop the charges against Snowden; and for crying out loud stop your wasteful costly pointless investigation of me. The NSA has better things to do than hassle a blogger.

Assange says that smear campaign tactics were used against him,welcome to club smear,your not alone.

Friday, January 22, 2016

attn: Zuckerberg

after the death of a local teen, whom i did not know, who committed suicide due to cyber-bullying i had an idea which perhaps will help people distinguish between reality and their online virtual world. the virtual world,not just online games but online life,so much is FAKE;including fake news,scams abound. our youth in this unique modern age we live in,have grown up with this technology,from infancy and have more difficulty distinguishing reality from the virtual world.

here in Texas most of the states residents have had their personal information data dumped out there on the internet and dark net ripe for the pickings of identity theft.and some people use your invention FaceBook as their weapon of choice to attack their enemies and destroy them online.i've had my identity stolen numerous times,of which social media is merely one instance.

numerous people have sued and lost over such attacks,and forms of identity theft.

the idea i have is this: cartoon animation instead so that it is obvious to the naked eye its fake,virtual,online world.

it doesn't seem like the problem of cyber-bullying is going to go away any time soon,however,if the social media pics are cartoons,playing out the social drama of attacks,perhaps it'll help take the edge off.hopefully save the lives of some kids.

please launch the campaign to stop criminalizing epilepsy. thanks.

i have epilepsy and my identity was stolen a FAKE FaceBook utilized to ruin my name,it didn't stop there,people believed the fake site and i was railroaded into the criminal justice system as well.

i don't use FaceBook,never sister in-law let me know about that when it started 2006 i tried to stop that then,didn't work.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

cult group censorship alive and well

yesterday as i tried to share a  post from the fox news article the cult group censorship admin was enforced and prevented me from posting to this blog from the public library being how they envision themselves as gods and controllers as if their approval were required when its not even sought after being how i am not in the said cult group therefore not subject to said cult groups dictates.

they only want the 1st amendment to protect their own religion so that they can avoid paying taxes. but they don't like it to apply to other people, who don't belong to their cult group.this is the USA we do not have a Theocracy here. and we don't want one either from any faith brand.the president is not the pastor in chief,nor the swami in chief,nor the mulla in chief,nor the imam in chief, got it. we have a secular government because it is designed for the full expression of freedom with civil constraints in mind for the civilization to prosper.

the 1st amendment also protects freedom of the press,that includes bloggers.hello.

yes i advocate for the legalization of marijuana. however, i don't want people to take that to mean i am in favor of people driving stoned,cause im not. that is what alternate transportation exist for. don't drive a  motorized vehicle stoned, doing so,well thats just plane reckless. alternate transportation: ride the bus, uber,lyft,taxi,limosine, skateboard,bicycle. don't drive a motorized vehicle intoxicated.