Thursday, April 14, 2016

Panama Papers thought to be Extortion

Panama Papers thought to be Extortion

the wealthy have for a long time enjoyed the tax laws [loopholes], that grant them the right to  have off shore accounts and to avoid paying taxes on said off shore accounts while the money grows in said accounts.when the money is brought to use into the USA then the taxes are paid on said monies.its called tax avoidance and its completely legal.

money laundry on the other hand is a crime, as is the misappropriation of fiduciary finances,income tax fraud and other such white collar crime.however,some of these monies that are laundered in the white collar world do not originate there,but rather from the violent and bloody narcoterrorist world;like the blood diamonds used by bokoharam to fund wars in the Congo.

when Seth Blatter's FIFA bribery scandal came to light the money trail led to Panama and mosec fonseca. but who was it that went after Blatter and why did they do it?allegedly dallas attorney mark mcclelland started that ball rolling because he was desperate for money. why? was it possibly due to a gambling problem or was it because he is involved in money laundry for the Zetas drug cartel.the money trail will show how accounts were handled.but was he out to blackmail all the account holders with mosec fonseca because the money demanded by the Zetas was astronomical?or was it just plain greed?

Sunday, April 10, 2016

corrupt leaders

a certain preacher Daniel Hicks is also a member of  the Ku Klux Klan unbeknownst to most people. he keeps it under wraps for the most part. i saw and touched the hem of his klansmen suit in his closet when i visited him on one occasion. like other criminal gangs it's blood in blood out,ie. they kill someone to join and the only exit is death. 

the Klan has wanted revenge against me for having lived from one of their cross burning arson attacks; yeah i was the 6yrs old who escaped from the burning have no authority in my life and my affairs.i am not your slave.i am not your try to incite my neighbors to run me out of town when its you and your hateful group who need to leave San Antonio,TX. San Antonio is the city with a big heart.we care.we love.

here's the hypocrisy Hicks is still a member of the KKK and won't quit his criminal gang.and why not?because he believes that the Klans racist interpretation of the Bible is correct.just face the ugly truth.take your pointy hats and sheets and go back to Martinsville IN.where your   group started. bye.

Friday, April 1, 2016

gimme 3 ft.

Texas Bicycle Laws

These "rules of the road" are based on Texas Transportation Code statutes. Find the complete bicycle code at the bottom of the page. Laws are designed to improve the safety of everyone who uses the roadways. Don't become a statistic! Remember to always use hand signals and body actions to communicate with motorists and other bicyclists.
Bicyclists have the rights and duties of other vehicle operators: (551.101)
Yes, this means you have to stop at stop signs and red lights, but cars are required to yield right-of-way to a bicycle when appropriate, just as to any other vehicle.
Ride near the curb and go in the same direction as other traffic: (551.103)
Near the curb is subjective (we recommend leaving a cushion of about three feet) but the law gives a cyclist the right to take the lane when necessary for safety.
At least one hand on the handlebars (two are safer): (551.102c)
One when signaling but two when turning works well.
Use hand and arm signals: (545.107)
Point the way you are going, let the other operators know what you want to do.
One rider per saddle: (551.102a)
Don't let your friends share your bike while riding unless you're both on a tandem.
You may ride two abreast as long as you don't impede traffic: (551.103c)
Racing and taking the lane are special cases.
Must have a white light on the front and a red reflector or red light on the rear (for riding at night): (551.104b)
The light is primarily so people can see you coming from the side, where their headlights do not shine on your reflectors. The law, effective as of Sept. 2001, states that a red light can replace a red reflector.
Brakes capable of making the braked wheel skid: (551.104a)
Don't test that front brake to see if the wheel will skid while riding, especially down hill.

Texas Transportation Code
- See more at:

Sunday, March 27, 2016

corrupt DC

well Pfc. Manning is still in Leavenworth prison for sharing info about Bengahzi which was discovered in transit from the State Department with Julian Assange,which was then published in Wikileaks. and yet, Ms. Clinton has not been indicted,nor have ,any of those who had worked with her at the time been indicted. since by not charging these State Department people, the implication is it  can't possibly be wrong...then they need to release Manning,drop charges against Edward Snowden,and Assange; and clear their names.
[those were supposed to be govt. secrets,national security...etc] in the age where the NSA is spying on everybodies everything;is anything secret?

Snowden has pointed out that we need more cyber security not less. and the above problem only makes it obvious that online transmission is not secure,even on the supposedly private government networks.

it bugs me that Manning is in prison while Clinton and her coworkers go free.
life is not fair,but this is the utter height of hypocrisy.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

bullied over the PA at HEB

3.21.16  went to my local HEB to get groceries and again got bullied over the PA by staff.

staff did not realize that since San Antonio has an abundance of weird people like me, ie. artist,that we have celebrations called FIESTA,and DIA de los Muertos,and in boring places like Midland you don't,they had George W. Bush for excitement only he moved to Dallas so he could watch football in attendance. he kept calling Putin with the remote.

seriously,didn't you know, that when the aliens come back they're gonna eat all the fat people…that means you have less time to eat that blue bell,better hurry up. they already know where to find the big stinky blue ball in the galaxy earthling..its suggested you hide in the warehouse to improve your odds during the alien invasion.;more food behave yourself before i use my sonic screwdriver on you to extract the brain your not using. im almost done with donald trump.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

bicycle commuter alert


on 3.16.2016 i was riding my bicycle in the street on the way home from an errand.during the middle of the day,not during rush hour. i ride according to the rules for transportation for Texas, follow the rules of the road, stop at stop signs,red lights,use hand signals to indicate turning,wear a helmet,use proper lighting white in front,red in the rear for visibility,and use a neon colored backpack.i even have lights on my spokes opposite the reflector that change colors.i commute regularly by bicycle. despite having had people throw soft drinks at me on several occasions this particular adventure in cycling is more on the creep side. 
a white dodge ram long bed pickup truck passed me on my left as we {myself and the truck} both traveled east bound on Eisenhauer Rd. this truck had a red cord hanging from the tail gate latch. i did not get the license plate number. but they were Texas plates. heres the creep part. motor vehicles are supposed to give bicyclist 3ft. of space when passing us. he gave me between 6-12  inches,yes- 1ft at most. and beeped the horn and used the obscene had gesture. this was deliberately dangerous. be wary 78218.