Sunday, October 11, 2015

make cookies stop the hate

during the fall of '66 i was in 1st grade.that was the year when my front baby teeth fell out all around the same time,leaving me without front teeth for most of the year. that was when i still thought my dad was superman.

one day that fall i walked home from school for friend Benny's family lived down block from us; only he took his lunch with him that day so he stayed at school.
there was a giant burning cross erected in his front yard. curious and angry i went down to his house,hoping to help my friends family in time.the KuKluxKlan raped his mom in front of me and Paco, Benny's 4yrs old brother. me and Paco each threw toy pickup trucks at him, trying to hit his head and knock him out and rescue her. toys against evil. then the creep tied us up to some chairs. as he was tying me up i squirmed and grabbed a extra loop of the rope,plus i had on my winter coat already,so as to make my chance of escape. then he set about to setting the very house on fire with us trapped inside. i managed to squirm loose,i tried to undo the  knots on Paco, i couldn't they were tight. so i ran out, 2 yards behind the Klansman.

they were getting their photo taken for the local newspaper [Hammond,IN] next to the burning cross! 

being royally pissed off i yanked the nearest pointy hat off of one of em and threw it at the flames and yelled at em 'liar liar pants on fire' and ran away.surprise,the white klan outfit is flammable.i got away while they put out the flames on one of their own.Benny's house burned to the ground that day in broad daylight. the fire department was five minutes away.either they were out on a call putting out a fire somewheres else,or the fire department was in on it; as in they set the fire,or were complicit in the arson/murders.

i tried to call the FBI when i got home,thinking that they would come immediately and catch the bad guys down the mom stopped me from calling em. i called her a coward and got spanked for that. it was only later on after  3 dead college students bodies were found in the south,[they were freedom riders: and had gone to the south to register black voters to vote] and it was  revealed to the rest of the country that the FBI was corrupt and some were complicit in the death of these the time and for a long time afterwards i blamed my mom for not calling the police when the Klan showed up and erected that cross in Benny's front yard.and for not letting me call the FBI.

i had to eat lunch and go back to school after going through that. Benny didn't know his house was gone,his mom and brother dead.i had to take a letter from my mom to explain my being late and traumatized.

for día de los muertos i think there should be chocolate cookies with nuts shaped like the klansmen with skull faces made with white icing. bite their heads off and stop the hate.make tacos not war,or cookies...

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

the blog censor

the blog censor
once upon a time in the USA there existed freedom of the press,including free speech. citizens counted on the Bill of Rights and the1st Amendment protections that it offered us.

for a time we enjoyed the ability to be able to blog about stuff and communicate with others online without censorship. 

but now i must announce with great sadness,that this is no longer the case.although i don't know exactly who the blog censor ,sic moderator is, yes the word moderator did appear on my screen as i attempted to post the offending lines of text to my own blog.

when was the moderator instituted?what is this?its my blog!

of course there is self restraint. maybe some things should not be posted online.

it occurred to me to post a story about what happened to me in '66 during my own encounter with the KKK because once again someone is tagging swastikas and these three letters KKK in our great city of San Antonio,TX/both near synagogs and on the east side in a predominantly black the way if you buy me some spay paint i will paint a pretty mural over those tags for you.

the Klan once had the audacity to have a parade and rally in Skokie,IL a predominantly Jewish area.they went to court and got a permit because they also have the right to express their opinion even though a lot of people are offended by it. 

guess what we who are offended by the Klan also have the right to have parades too.when they have a rally again how about their opponents parade behind em wearing colorful pointy hats togas and blow those big plastic horns and kazoos.and  make fun of em.actually i think that was done at their last next time maybe dress like the storm troopers from star wars, darth vader ,all comic con,muertitos,or monty python.always look on the bright side of life. we have an artist who made neon signs that said make tacos not war to protest against the vietnam war.don't forget the dancing dragons from the chinatown parades.squirt guns with food coloring or paintballs to stain the Klans white sheets sounds like fun,

Monday, October 5, 2015

Our own "if you see something, say something" campaign which gets repeated on the local mass transit bus system Viatrans,is also approaching the stasi. The bus has video cameras throughout equipped with microphones, riders are being watched.
I lost contact with my friend Neil and with my lawyer regarding the official oppression case. These guys like to prey on women. I got lucky,I did not fall into his grasp. Officer Alford suggested I get out of town!This ain't the wild west!

My cell phone number changed again,shortly after that happened, system would not permit me to pay via usual debit card payment, hmm...guess they don't want this customer.

I have not moved.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hi everyone, yes I'm still alive and kicking .I had trouble with the seizures, they failed to kill me yet...take that zzt.also had browser issues, too old to post. I hope my old blog copy is still out circulating on the blog osphere.most of it was shared content by professional journalist,I always posted their bylines and links,never claiming credit for their work. it was posted here so that the topic could be thoroughly presented.stuff that I myself wrote left that out,no source links.