Friday, August 26, 2016

Shout Shout ready or not

Hi yalls:after the fiasco with the iPhone they threatened to yank my papers just for having an iPhone so I had to return it, now lifelock won't forward calls.
Virgin phone still works πŸŽΈπŸš΄πŸ—½[liberty exercised at the polls]. .Looking forward to voting for Johnson,or Paul.we can hope for improvement...we've come a long way,from Buck vs Bell.[that terrible decision affected me,the epitome of oppression.,besides the water being turned off against Native Americans for protesting against an oil pipeline on their land.

Looks like Barbara Shaver met with librarian,oppression is worsening. It looks darkest before dawn.

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Where is this going

Please read this article in The Telegraph :
Extremists will be forced onto deradicalisation programme in new terror crackdown.

About a decade ago a movie China Cry was released. It was about 
when China became a communist country. Those who disagreed with what Mao professed were sent to be re- educated in labor camps.The more outspoken opposition leaders were tortured, and subjected to medical experiments,and surgeries sans anesthesia according to the movie.
That is what first came to mind when I read the headline of the article. Is this where we are headed? Is this what we want?!

I was taught to think for myself. The authorities here thought: that I had information that I never had, and that I was involved in certain radical activities that I was not in; nonetheless, it lead to my being rendered and subsequently blacklisted. You read correctly, there are Americans who are being programmed. The rendering is not done on USA soil.We don't live in a perfect world, the system is flawed.

This is why so many innocent and some flawed individuals are finding themselves with criminal records and the DOJ exerts its power to programme these people.; due to profiling.

How do we stop terrorist beforehand?Perhaps the NSA should ask Patty Hearst,maybe she has better insight and answers for that question.

Yes I'm different, I have epilepsy- low on the spectrum, and I'm just a troubadour average singer songwriter guitar player. I tend to stand out with out even trying,rather always have.Its supposed to be a free country where liberty is exercised and artist appreciated. Don't yall have something better to do than trying to censor people.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Stop harassment

I have rights too. I don't use Facebook, never have used it. What
has been posted there as if from me is a case of massive Identity Theft. Zuckerberg admits, he forgot to remove the fake site when he was first notified of it 10 years ago. Think for yourself people and stop acting like programmed drones.

Stop the harassment!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Dead cyclist

when I was a student we were taught the motto if it bleeds it leads,this is how the media determines what is important, what gets the most attention. since the 5 bicyclists were killed in Kalamazoo Michigan there have been other horrendous events screaming for our media attention, terrorist attack in Orlando Florida and a toddler  attacked by a gator. what of the four surviving injured cyclists? how have they faired?have any succumbed to their injuries?
and what about the driver?was he drunk,on drugs,on the phone? more people are on their bikes now that the weather is nice.drivers need to be aware of our presence on the road as well as the rules that apply to us.Quit honking and yelling at us to get on the sidewalk! 
there are big diamond shaped warning signs with a bicycle on it to remind drivers to share the road,give em 3 ft when passing.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Ponzi scheme in the music business

Worldwide Entertainment Inc utilized a ponzi scheme to finance concert bookings  for big name artists including the Rolling Stones. Mr.Utsick is now looking at a maximum 20 years in prison.
Who all else he conned besides Elton John,and Aerosmith is not known.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

5 bicyclists killed

5 bicyclists were killed this morning in Kalamazoo Michigan.
get this a half hour before the truck plowed over the group of bicycle riders the police had received numerous calls about this truck. 
These deaths were preventable. Here in San Antonio we have had numerous people killed because the driver was on their smart phone, on Skype,updating Facebook, texting,etc.
In the past week I have encountered self absorbed distracted drivers more concerned about their smart phone, than about driving.please,get off the phone,or don't operate a motorized vehicle, while you transport yourself.