Monday, November 16, 2015

pax Pari

Le sueze Charlie. Pax Liberti bonsua lo ami ����be brave,love you.

your not alone Scientology

Your not alone Scientology, your not the only religious group that stalks its former members.there is a 12 step group Celebrate Recovery, CR ,that  engages in the same practice,including the Facebook smear campaign./extortion tactics. Maybe you ought get them to leave their respective church affiliates and join you,in the interest of cohesiveness.

 To the people engaged in the cyberstalking,and the otherwise bad form,leave me alone.mind your own business, and stay out of mine.


To the people who want to ramp up the  fear and the rhetoric, please drop and do at least 20 push ups if  you can do that many and stop yourself.
Some of that group, are reacting to the tragedy in Paris by messing with people, they don't like,since they were taught to be afraid of anyone who disagrees with them,or does not conform to their virtual reality Facebook limited perception of  normal.a generation of young people who were little duing 9/11 grew up with an unhealthy level of fear,and now tend to over react when it is not called for.I am referring to the college students who skipped class to protest moustache and sombrero wearing white people.they were not a threat to cause for protest,or offense.

You won't earn good grades waisting your time and energy that way.choose your battles wisely.Graduate on time,succeed,make your folks proud.

To the people who like to run smear campaigns,I suggest you go into politics,at least then you'll be paid

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Thanks for the peace

In the event that the Marine with the twitter account is not the class of 76 grad,my brother,57 years young, my apologies,no disrespect intended; I have a nephew who is a Marine vet,and Brian Cathey you did us proud.Thanks for keeping the peace here and the bombs over there.

Glory seeker??

There is a marine vet Rudy Ruiz Jr,common name,also my brothers name,,he did his entire Marine tour at Camp Pendleton, and graduated from Morton Senior High class of 1976. He never served in IRAQ. Don't claim respect you did not earn check the twitter account. He was lucky to serve during peace time.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Malware alert

Malware program sarissa has infected the computer system at
Work in Texas be warned and take precautions against identity theft. ID theft is no fun I promise you that. They know but are slow to correct .

Monday, November 2, 2015


Last week I tried to complete an online job application, at Texas work source,having experienced technical difficulties on my own personal device before, I blamed my rudimentary newbie skills for my issue at 1st,only later realized something was wrong... Same application, different machine, problem persists... hackers are getting creepyier by the minute.
Hope everyone had a happy Halloween.